Yoda Time

by Amanda on June 23, 2008

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OutdooryodaSo, to distract you all from the fact that I have not knit a stitch at all in the last week, I’m going to show off Yoda pictures. I decided to take Friday off so that I could, well, do anything I damn well wanted. It was a beautiful week, and it was so hard to stay inside and work, so I rewarded myself for actually staying strong by not going to work on Friday.

Yoda and I took advantage of the great weather on Friday by playing in the yard. Here she is all happy from running around and chasing me. How cute is she? Yoda has been enjoying this wonderfully mild summer so far. Partyyoda

Saturday, Yoda went to the spa. I had my graduation party, so she needed to be in tip-top shape. She came home and we put on her pretty new pink bandanna. She was all set for the party…She wasn’t ready for the number of people I had at my house, though.

Poopedyoda She was a good girl and was able to be off the leash in the backyard (no fence at my house). She was social with everyone, except my cousin’s new dog. They didn’t get a long quite so well, but Yoda did very well with my friend’s two year old niece. At the end of the day, Yoda was all partied out! Doesn’t she look exhausted…she looks about how I felt by 10pm.

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Becky in Iowa :O) June 23, 2008 at 4:57 pm

:-* smoochies for Yoda!!!!! She is so cute I want to squeel. hehe

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