Yeah, knitting didn’t happen…

by Amanda on May 6, 2008

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Wineonthefox …well, ok, maybe a little. I finished the front of the Drop Stitch Tank, and started on the back. I didn’t get very far before I fell asleep with it in my hands on Saturday night!

It was a great weekend and Cinco de Mayo! (Just give me a reason to drink a margarita…)

My weekend started out with a massage on Saturday. A greatly needed massage…That girl worked out a lot of stress hanging out in my back. Mmmmm…then my friend Jenn and I went to a multiple winery wine tasting. The weather was less than ideal, but it was still fun. I ended up buying 4 bottles of wine from one place. Two of the bottles were a sangria that was really good, one was an almond sparking wine (Jenn would say, "mmm" after each sip), and and a chocolate raspberry dessert wine. Yum!

On my way home I picked up 27 Dresses and Cloverfield. 27 Dresses was very cute. I recommend it for a girlie night in. But Cloverfield was not on my tops list. The plot was ok, but it was filmed as if we were watching a home movie. Halfway through the movie I wondered by I felt sick to my stomach…then I figured it out — motion sickness. I ended up closing my eyes and listening to the rest of it. So, be that a warning to you!

Sunday I went shopping with my sister and got some new pants that actually fit. I’ve dropped 3-4 pants sizes since I’ve taken up ‘being healthy’. While I am not complaining that my pants were falling down (because that is an awesome problem to have), I was just a little not wanting to spend money on pants when I might need to get more in a smaller size later. I am much happier, though, with pants that fit!

Monday was Cinco de Mayo, and I broke open a bottle of Sangria that I bought on Saturday. It was yummy! Catpower I hung out with a friend and just enjoyed the nice weather. Most of Plainfield had lost power yesterday, and on my way home I needed to stop at the grocery store for some chicken. When I pulled into the parking lot (after spending what seemed like an eternity at the broken stop light), I saw a Cat Power trailer. And, yes, I took a picture of it. It’s not something you see around here very often! These are used a lot at disaster sites…nope, no meteors have hit here lately. But it’s still fun to see…

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robin May 7, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Wow, on dropping 3-4 pants sizes! That is amazing – good for you! You’ve got to be pretty skinny then as you weren’t heavy before!

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