by Amanda on August 22, 2011

in Corona, Ribby Pulli

WIP So, I dug out all my knitting stuff from a storage area in the condo. I came up with a few half done sweaters…You can see the Ribby Pulli and Corona. I’ve also thrown in the green grass blanket to show you all how much I’ve gotten done.

I really like these other sweaters that I’ve begun, so I want to finish them. The common problem I have with these is that I have to knit the sleeves separately and then continue knitting the rest of the sweater. This would not be so bad if both sets of sleeves did not have increases in ribbing! I am terrible at making it look nice and pretty.

I think this solidifies for me that I am a top-down girl.

The real question is how am I going to get past the brain freeze I have with these sweaters?

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Robin August 22, 2011 at 3:07 pm

I have a bunch of WIPs too. I haven’t been good about documenting them but trust me, there are a quiiiite a few. I did finish a few projects lately but have I taken pictures? No, of course not!
Good luck with recapturing the mojo! I totally agree about increasing ribbing. BLEAH.

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