Winter Wonderland

by Amanda on December 17, 2007

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Winterwonderland This is what I was greeted with Sunday morning at my house. This is a shot from my garage looking at other parts of the circle. Notice all the snow that I have to remove from my driveway. Good thing I bought myself a nice new snowblower this year, so it took no time at all. And I heard my grandmother got 11" of snow at her house near Midway Airport. Geez!

I had driven in the snow the night before, and I was cursingGrandmascarf2  it the whole time. But I think that if I lived somewhere where there was no snow for Christmas, I would feel less festive. That’s just me. It is so pretty to look at….must be why I didn’t leave the house on Sunday!

So, while I was snowbound, I decided to work on the scarf for my grandmother. It’s much longer than the last time you saw it, and it’s still not done. This is about 1.75 balls of KP Elegance. I have one more to add to it, and I have one week. One week?! Holy Cow! Did you know Christmas was that close?

Cuddlyyoda Yoda also took advantage of being inside all day. She used Mommy’s cuddly blanket as a sleeping bag. Isn’t she so cute being all cuddly and sleepy?


robin December 17, 2007 at 9:53 am

I love the look of the snow too. Jim and I went to a party in the far south end of Naperville and he didn’t have a great time driving in it, but it was fun to look at. We bought a new snowblower last year too, as our second-hand one we got from a friend finally died, and it is super convenient. Jim may have brought on all this snow by saying it had better snow all the time after plunking down all that money for the snowblower!

Sarah December 17, 2007 at 1:23 pm

I love having snow at Christmas! It’s also nice to have a good reason to stay at home all day. 🙂

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