Who ordered a pitcher?

by Amanda on April 21, 2008

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Sangriapitcher This was one great weekend! The weather is getting so nice that I haven’t been spending much time knitting, but I have been having some fun.

There is a bar in downtown Plainfield called Moe Joe’s–it’s constantly Mardi Gras there. Well, without the flashing…But they have some good Cajun food! I had a crab cake po boy with sweet potato fries on Friday night. I actually only ate half the sandwich because it was so big. But after several beers, my friend and I were hungry and broke into our leftovers! We ate them before we even left the place. But I guess that’s going to happen when you’ve had 5 beers, you’ve got the munchies, and it’s 10 pm! It was nice to get out with some chicks and be silly.

Saturday was not quite as nice weather-wise, but I had a good day regardless. I saw that new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was funny, but beware there is male frontal nudity in the like first couple minutes. Scary. I shutter just reliving it! Then I had a French Martini at the Capital Grill….mmmm. I was telling my friend that I think the nicer places make them better. It might be the grade of champaign they use or that the bar tenders are just a little bit better. I don’t know, but I like ’em. Even at $9 a pop. And if you love guacamole, you need to get to Adobo and order theirs. I am not a huge fan of the green stuff, but this was AMAZING! Get there now!

I know I’ve mentioned my like for Hooters. Well, my friends and I are being silly and participating in the Hooters’ 25th Anniversary Passport for wing parties. So, Sunday we had tickets to the Chicago Rush Arena Football team, and we hit 3 Hooters Restaurants. Yes, you read that right — 3 Hooters. Now, I had a plan, and that was eat at #1, drink at #2, and not even have a clue we were going to #3. So, I ate at #1. But this is where the story gets a little weird…see, we had 2 cars of people. One car went directly to #2 and the other car (the one I was in) went to pick up one more person. Well, we ended up taking a detour to Schaumburg when we need to be in Rosemont (for those of you who don’t know this area–they are no where near each other). The new passenger told us to get on I-290 instead of I-294 because he thought we were going to Hoffman Estates (again, even farther from where we were supposed to be!). So, we realized in Schuamburg what was going on…so there was less time to drink at Hooters #2.

So, when we finally got to #2, I ran the the washroom and asked my friends to order me a mug of Sangria. When the waitress brought it, it was a pitcher. Yes, a pitcher of sangria…so, I drank it. Yup, I drank the whole thing. And quickly. The funny thing was I got a pitcher of Sangria for the cost of a French Martini! But, I was good to go for the game and didn’t need to buy a $6 beer. In fact, I was pretty good for most of the rest of the night. The best part was that I even felt a little better about our detour.

I had never been to an AFL game, and I have to say it was pretty fun. The Rush won a pretty close game, and we saw some amazing plays. Those guys hit into the boards harder than hockey players!

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