When Bad Stain Happens to Good People

by Amanda on March 29, 2007

in Poker Table

Weirdline_2 Well, my plan of getting the whole thing stained by the weekend was halted on Wednesday when I stained the poker side of the topper. One of the place settings had this mysterious line and some spots on it after it was stained. After I had my dad analyze it, it was determined something was spilled on it.

***Warning: Lesson in Woodworking***

See, when you sand wood, you open the pores. This makes it more susceptible to accepting stain or whatever. When you spill something on it, like water, the pores accept that instead of what you really wanted to put on there. That’s how I have a strange line and spots–someone spilled something on it!

***Lesson Over***Top

Ok, so my biggest concern is how do I fix it? I must sand, sand, sand it again to remove the spots and line. Well, that requires me sanding in the garage. This thing is in the basement, and there is no way I can carry it up the stairs by myself (I don’t have the wingspan or the strength to carry an awkward 40 pounds). So, it waits for tonight to be moved to the garage for a good sanding. Then I stain again.

See how pretty it would have been without the line….

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jess March 30, 2007 at 9:49 am

oh no! that is no fun. We had that happen with a chest that we finished. The table is looking really awesome, though!

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