What can you get for $25?

by Amanda on October 3, 2006

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I recently received an email at work about a new cosmetic line that is selling makeup for $1 a piece. The email said the line was affiliated with Bloomingdale’s. So, I did a little research on it. I found that while the line is not affiliated with Bloomingdale’s, the owner formed the Neutrogena Men’s line and Hard Elf Candy. They felt that women should be able to look beautiful without breaking the bank, so the developed E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) Cosmetics. I decided to spend $25, the magic number for free shipping, and try it out. What was I going to lose? All I can normally get for $25 is a bottle of foundation.

So, I got on to the website and ordered the following items:

  • Brightening Eye Liner  Coffee
  • Brightening Eye Liner  Ash
  • Shimmering Facial Whip  Persimmon
  • Clarifying Pressed Powder  Tone 1
  • Clarifying Pressed Powder  Tone 2
  • Lip Pencil  Bark
  • Lip Pencil Natural Blush
  • Blush Coy
  • Blush Flushed
  • Lip Gloss Goddess
  • Lip Gloss Malt Shake
  • Plumping Lip Glaze Mauve Berry
  • Tone Correcting Concealer  Tone 1
  • Tone Correcting Concealer  Tone 2
  • Shielding Hydro-Tint SPF 15  Tone 1
  • Shielding Hydro-Tint SPF 15  Tone 2
  • Foundation Brush
  • Total Face Brush
  • Lip Defining Brush
  • Smudge Eye Brush
  • Eyeshadow-Hazel Palette

Since I wasn’t sure what foundation, powder, or concealer color I was, I bought one of each. It was only $1. My order arrived last night and I ripped into it when I came home from class.

While some of the sizes are a little smaller than what we consider ‘full size’, most were full size. The brushes went well beyond my expectations. You can get a whole set with case for about $9. I bought a set from Mary Kay with less brushes for $40. I think the $9 set would be comparable.

What do I think? This morning, except for the mascara, every makeup item I put on my face was from E.L.F. I really think it looks good. So, it isn’t Estee Lauder, but I paid $25 for a huge assortment of makeup – practically a whole color palette. I really like the Plumping Lip Glaze, and was a huge fan of the concealer put on with the Foundation Brush. My allergy under eye circles look much better. I would recommend trying it out.

One word of advice, I think they are being inundated with orders, so the shipping time seems to have slowed from what it normally is. Also, to get free shipping after $25, use the coupon code ‘shipit’.


Robin October 3, 2006 at 8:35 am

Wow! I can’t believe you can buy that much makeup for $25 anywhere! That’s even cheaper than the stuff at Walgreen’s – and it sounds like it’s pretty decent too! The mind boggles…

lynette October 9, 2006 at 4:32 pm

what a great find! i’m a bit leary shopping for makeup online so i’m really glad it worked out for you.

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