What to do?

by Amanda on November 4, 2011

in Custom Knits 1 - Favorite Cardigan, Ribby Pulli, Velynda, Wendy Bernard

So, I am now down to one WIP – the Ribby Pulli. I have been working on sleeve #1, but I really want to cast on for something a bit more….more. I am really contemplating Velynda by Bonne Marie or the Favorite Cardigan by Wendy Bernard’s first book.

If I were to start Velynda, I would use the di.VĂ© Zenith (maroonish) that I have been saving for some other Bonne Marie pattern. And if I were to start the Favorite Cardigan, I would use some new 1824 Wool in a pretty Teal that I just bought.

I just hope I don’t decide that I need to start both! I go think it over while munching on some gingerbread cookies from Ikea. Mmmmm!

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