We are going to the Super-Market?!

by Amanda on January 23, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie, Chicago Bears

It has been 21 years in the making, but the Chicago Bears are going to the Supermarket! No, I mean, Superbowl! With approximately 14 minutes left in the game, one of my friends started to say, ‘I think we are going to the Super…’ and she was immediately interrupted with ‘Market! You can’t jinx it! There is still time for the Saints to come back!’ Bears

The best part of the Superbowl this year is that my two favorite teams are playing each other, and I called it back in August. Yes, you read that correctly….I said in August that the Bears and Colts would play each other in the Superbowl! Wish I would have put some money on that. Man, I would be rich….

I tried to knit during the game on Sunday, but really didn’t get very far…lots of yelling and singing the Bears’ Fight Song (Yes, I know all words…have since the age of 10), and touchdown arm waving prohibited knitting anything. I am still working on the sleeves of the Central Park Hoodie….going strong.


Jodee January 23, 2007 at 7:20 pm

Go Bears!! My daughter’s pug,Lola, wore her Bears jersey last week and this week so we’ll make sure she wears it for the Superbowl. Lola looks alot like Yoda

lynette January 25, 2007 at 1:35 pm

you sound like you’d be lots of fun to watch the game with. heeee! GO BEARS!!!!

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