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by admin on February 7, 2012

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I can’t leave you all hanging with the shopping I did while at Vogue Knitting Live! in New York. I had planned on shopping a bit, but to be honest, the marketplace was INSANE!!! I pretty much had only the time between classes to shop. As did most other people, I think. It was worse than my trip to Disney World in July that I took in regards to the amount of people crammed into this space.

I did manage to get some things, though. And the more I spoke with other people, the more I went back to get other things! Such enablers!!!

Anyway, on with the showing off!



I actually was able to get to the Debbie Bliss Cocktail Hour at The Yarn Company on the Friday night that I arrived in NY. There I bought 2 of her books signed – Design It, Knit It and Design It, Knit It Babies. While I was there at Yarn and Company, I was able to reserve their special Madelinetosh yarns to purchase at the Marketplace the next day. More on that in a minute.



I hit up the Japanese Bookstore that was selling crafting books  and picked up a few new Japanese magazines and a book that made me smile. I got Knit Your Own Dog because it made me laugh. However, it did not make me laugh quite a much as the crochet dog book I bought. Even though I don’t crochet, it makes me laugh every time I look at it! The last book/magazine I bought has some really awesome sweaters in it. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a Japanese pattern, and I figure it’s about time to try that again.


I also bought some French magazines – Bergere and Origin by Bergere. I picked up Bergère de France, Creations 2011/2012 and really love a baby bunting pattern! There are a few sweaters, too!

I also snatched up the last Origin No4 that could be found at the booth I was at. I really thought some of the sculptured sweaters we really interesting. I even saw some samples and was blown away. Who knew!?




I already mentioned the Madelinetosh yarn that I picked up at Yarn and Co. I was able to snatch up 3 skeins of the Midnight in Manhattan colorway that was specifically dyed for Yarn and Co. I also bought the pattern by Laura Zukaite aptly named Midnight in Manhattan Sweater. She was at the Cocktail Party modeling the sweater. It’s very pretty in person and I can’t wait to make it!

I also picked up the cashmere starter kit for the Great American Aran Afgan [epic] project. I may never want to work with a different type of yarn again after using cashmere!




I also came across Robin Turner yarn. I grabbed one skein of both Silky Llama (blue) and Bolivian Alpaca (chartreuse). One that I didn’t take a picture of is Back to Basics which is a great microfiber/nylon yarn. I used most of it for a sample in one of my classes.




I went nuts at Tess Designer Yarns. I bought two colors of Tess Merino (Fuchsia and a Green Grey) and Cascade Silk in a dark grey.

I think I’m done with yarn for a while. I have it stashed all over the condo and The Boyfriend has no idea where it all is…I’m afraid that he’ll find it one of these days…


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