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by Amanda on September 30, 2011

in Ribby Pulli

RibbyPulliSleeve1 So, I’ve mentioned that I have been traveling for work. Last year I was in New York / New Jersey a lot and this year I’ve taken up going to the other coast. I do enjoy the sun and warmer (well, warmer than Chicago) weather when I am out in California. I do not, however, enjoy the longer flights. There is only so much work a person can do in an airport or on a plane. Especially when your airline doesn’t have power plugs in the seats!

Anyway, I bring the knitting of the moment. The knitting of the moment is finishing those silly WIPs lying around. The Ribby Pulli is next on the docket and I’ve begun sleeve #1. As you can see it is actually growing pretty rapidly. That really is only about 1-2 hours of a flight (I was sleeping the rest of the time – sue me). I was a little afraid of the “increase in ribbing” part, but Bonne Marie knows her stuff. She gets it work out for you all in the end.

I should never have been scared.

Once in a while I have a bit of time to sight-see around where I am working. Two times ago, I was out in California over a weekend and I had about 2 hours to drive around. I drove around Mulholland Drive since I heard it is supposed to be a gorgeous view. It really is something else. The pictures I took don’t do justice to how the city of LA is laid out. I leave you with the Hollywood Bowl (I thought it was a stadium…oops!)


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