The first project of 2010

by Amanda on January 18, 2010

in Corona

Opa For New Year's Lisa and I decided to celebrate with dinner in Greek Town since it's, well, like 4 blocks away. And what better way to start out the night than with some Roditis? Here we are as the city girls celebrating the first night in the city…is there a better way to start out the new year? (My friends Sharen and Jim might say that having their first daughter on New Year's Day might be better, but to each his own!)

Since I've gained so much more time in my day, I have begun a new knitting proCorona1ject. I do still need to finish the tweedy coat, but I think I need something quick and satisfying. So here is the beginning of Corona. At this point, I'm already to the bust shaping/beginning of the cable work. I  love fast knits for a little pick me up!

In sewing news, I was in the South Loop today visiting the multi-level shopping center (ex: first floor: Best Buy; second floor: Bed Bath and Beyond/Home Depot; fourth floor: some store I'm obviously oblivious to; fifth floor: yoga studio I will be visiting in the month of February) and found the Vogue Fabrics! It's so incredibly close to me that I'm hoping I utilize it to kick start some sewing. 

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