The Case of the Missing Yarn

by admin on June 1, 2012

in Custom Knits 2- Ribbon, Wendy Bernard

For some reason the other day I decided to pick up Ribbon. I had started it in December thinking it would be a quick knit and it soon fizzled. Quick because there are no sleeves! Anyway, I had the front and back all done waiting to be connected together. And then I noticed it – huge mistakes. What did I do?

Well, I first just tried to keep going. “No one will know. I’ll make that the back and my hair will cover it.” “What if you wear your hair up?” “One day you’ll put it on backwards and that will be the front.” You get the idea…so I ripped. And I ripped again. I’ve finally got it all up to snuff.

As I’m nearing the end of the ball of yarn, I starting thinking about pulling out the other balls I have of this stuff. I used 2 balls in the process of doing the two pieces, so I should have 3 left. At least according to Ravelry. So I went on a hunt – I went through every single project bag I have. Not there.

Next I pulled out the secret stash that no one knows it’s there. Nope. Went under the storage platform and opened every container that had yarn. Nada. I even double checked each place. Which means, I climbed a ladder and went under the storage platform several times. WHERE THE F– IS THAT YARN!?

As I’m putting the ladder away for the second time, I glance at my bookcase. The one I sit across from all day, and notice 3 perfect yarn cakes sitting there waiting.


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