That poor sock

by Amanda on June 13, 2007

in Socks

So, this is the sock I was supposed to finish and do its mate while on my trip. As you can see, that didn’t happen. While I was able to knit on this a bit, it’s just not all the way there, which is good in a way. I am thinking of ripping out the sock to right before the heel…the heel is a bit, um, small, so I was thinking that if I went up a needle size, I should be ok.

You know it’s dangerous when I think, right?

So, school begins next week. I will warn you that the posts might be a bit slower…and I’ll try to get some Yoda pics…she is just not being very cooperative these days with the camera…fickle pugs!

So, some of you might have noticed that I have a new sidebar item…I am going to be a featured blog on Typepad. Seriously. According to Typepad, I should be up on June 17. It’s pretty exciting…

Are you all having problems coming up with stories for the contest? Do I smell? How about we simplify the contest…send me a funny story about crafting…put it in the comments…I just want to laugh and give away stuff…Yoda is still working on her part of the (sur)prize…she will be disappointed if there are not a lot of entries. Have you ever dealt with a pouty pug? It’s not pretty…am I begging? That’s not very becoming either…I just know there are people out there!

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Robin June 13, 2007 at 6:24 am

That’s cool on being a featured blog on Typepad. If I think of a funny story today, I’ll come back and post, but I’m out of town from tomorrow through Sunday.

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