Tears and Laughter

by Amanda on September 28, 2005

in Yoda

So, as you may have figured out, Yoda is going to be a dragon for Halloween. The search for the costume went something like this at Target:

Me: Oh, I want to see if they have dog costumes.
J: Huh?
Me: You know, for Yoda.
Me: Oooh, they have a lion and a unicorn, and a….SHE IS GOING TO BE A DRAGON!
J: You are so mean to my dog.
Me: She loves it.

Then at the checkout:
Me: I think Yoda is going to love this dragon costume.
J: Gives me a weird look.
Me: Well, at least it’ll make me happy…
Checkout girl: Laughs

We get home:
Me: Yoda, look what we got for you. Let’s try it on. Damn, it’s too small. I thought the medium would fit! There was only a small left at the store!
J: Yoda, come here. (We sit on the floor and struggle with getting the costume on her. It won’t close, but the hat is on her head. We stare at her and start to laugh hysterically. Tears start streaming down our faces. This goes on for about 10 minutes.)
Me: I’ll call my mom to see if there is a large at her Target… (More laughing at the poor dog walking around wearing a dragon costume that is too small for her)

Mom gets the large. We try that this weekend.


Becky September 28, 2005 at 8:10 pm

hehehehe That had to be a pisser. I remember putting diapers and t-shirts on our toy poodles. Only one of them would tolerate it, but man if she had to go out she would rip the diaper off but quick. hehe Thanks for jogging my memory.

Cyn October 3, 2005 at 1:13 am

pets are great for comic relief! you’ll take pics over the weekend, yes? will she go trick or treating or just greet the trick or treaters?

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