Stitches Midwest 2006

by Amanda on August 14, 2006

in Midwest Stitches

This passed weekend was Stitches Midwest. I had decided a while back to take a couple classes in sweater design. I took "Where Do They Get Those Numbers" taught by Edie Eckman and "Designing Your Dream Sweater" by Leslye Solomon.

I couldn’t have asked for the schedule of the classes to work out any better than it did. First, I took the "Numbers" class. In that class we learned how to basically create a modified drop shoulder sweater. We went through the math to figure out increases for arms, decreases for necks and arm holes. Edie had handouts that were very helpful for all the math. I have a feeling I am going to turn mine into a spreadsheet. Why do all that math by hand if I don’t need to?

The next day I had the "Dream Sweater" class. This class covered set-in sleeves. We even used knitters graph paper and drew out the sweater. I was so happy!! This was exactly what I was looking to learn. And having the more simple sweater the day before helped to make a lot of sense. I was thinking of different ways to incorporate what I learned both days into one sweater. Leslye is an awesome teacher. She sells tons of supplies, but totally does not push it on her students like some other teachers I have heard about. If anyone is interested in what she taught us, it’s all in her book "The Uncomplicated Knitting Machine". I already owned it, but I am one of those people that needs to do something to understand it. Now I can reference the book when I have questions.

While I did make some purchases, I didn’t take pictures of them. I bough some of the Design a Sweater Graph Paper and Blocking Wires from Leslye’s Booth. I also bought 2 hanks of this gorgeous alpaca yarn. It is brown and black and white, and I promise to take a picture tonight and post it tomorrow.


Robin August 14, 2006 at 10:08 am

I agree on Leslye – she is great! I took Sweater Finishing with her last year and learned a lot. I really like her as well. I bought her blocking wires and her sweater finishing DVD last year and I still refer to the DVD (haven’t used the blocking wires as much as I should, but have used the blocking pins that came with it.) Glad to her your class was good – I’ll have to do that one next year!

lynette August 15, 2006 at 1:49 pm

sounds like you had a great time, and that class was awesome! i’ve missed it two years in a row. i hope to make it for it next year.

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