Spring Cleaning

by Amanda on March 10, 2009

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The other day I was cleaning up my closet. My shoes have a tendency to take over the floor, and unless I put them away properly, it doesn't get any better. Then I decided to go through my sweaters that sit on a shelf in my closet. They were kind of strewn about and in piles tipping over, so those obviously needed to be fixed. When I started refolding and reevaluating my piles, I noticed there were some sweaters that were either waaaay to big or not the right style for me or just plain not worn. I made a pile of these culprits so that I can rework them or something.

From the bottom up we have:

  • Essential Stripe – too big and the stripes are not what I would like.
  • Top Down Raglan – no shaping in the neck gives a weird fit, and the sleeves are a bit too short.
  • Hourglass Sweater – too big and purple
  • Ribby Cardi – The zipper bugs me, so I don't wear it as much as I'd like. I'll either put in a new zipper or make the band bigger and add buttons.
  • Wicked – Too big and I want the pocket! That's the whole reason I fell in love with this pattern.
  • Sitcom Chic – Whoa! Waaay too big and slightly too pink.

I think the easiest one to fix will be the Ribby Cardi. It fits really well, a testement to Bonne Marie's designing skills, and looks nice on. I just don't like the zipper. I have some left overs that should make it easy to increase those button bands. Wicked can be frogged and redone quite easily, and I have a lot of leftovers from that one, so I can add and delete whatever I want. The rest will either be frogged or given away. I have not decided yet. It does feel good to clean, though!!


delia March 10, 2009 at 11:47 am

Cleaning my closet and fixing old sweaters is SOO overdue in my house! Congrats on getting the ball rolling…

Robin March 11, 2009 at 2:24 pm

I still have to post about mine! There’s a bunch.

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