Spring Cleaning

by Amanda on March 31, 2008

in Fitted Knits-Cozy V-Neck Pullover, Yoda

Vneck6 This weekend I got the Spring Cleaning bug. I cleaned slats on my blinds…who does that besides Martha? I’m not 100% done with my cleaning, but I made a good dent. I felt so productive.

Speaking of productive, I also knit over the weekend. I finished the body of the V-Neck Pullover and am quite close to finishing the first sleeve. The instructions say to knit the sleeves flat and then seam them, but I decided that I wanted those 2 extra stitches I would be losing. So, I actually gained 4 sts because I needed to add 2 for the ribbing. It fits like a glove, so I am glad that I decided to do it that way. I think it would have been a tad snug with a seam, and I would have to seam! Hopefully I can get the rest of this sweater done this week for wearing!Yodaalbum

My sister stopped by this weekend with part of my birthday gift. She had already given me a gift certificate for a massage, but she brought by this scrapbook of Yoda for me! It’s so cute, and I love it. She even made up pages for me to add pictures to later. She knows that I don’t have the patience for doing that stuff, so she made it easy for me.

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