Who needs more size 7 needles? Oooh, oooh, oooh, pick me!

by Amanda on September 19, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie, Cable Down Raglan, Knit and Tonic - Something Red, Wendy Bernard

Somethingblack1 I’ve become obsessed with worsted weight knitting, so I think I need a few more size 7 needles. Maybe I should just keep working on what I am working on and not start anything else? Nah! Variety is the spice of life, right?

So, I began the Something Red Black with the Valley Yarns Florence. It’s a wool, mohair, acrylic blend, and I gotta say I’m liking it. It’s not too fuzzy that pieces fly around all over, and it’s not too acrylicy feeling. I like the way it’s looking knitted up, too…all fuzzy and already worn and broken in looking. I have a feeling I might be using this stuff again somewhere.

Anyway, I’ve actually quiet a bit farther on it than what is shown in the picture, so I’ll probably be putting the sleeves on waste yarn fairly soon. I am just flying on this thing! That’s why I love worsted weight yarn…


In other knitting, the Cable Down Raglan is giving me fits. I’m almost done with the first diamond, and I decided to finally read the errata. Please tell me why I didn’t do it sooner!? I have managed to mess up the sleeve seams. I thought they were looking weird, but I thought that was by design.

Here is the correct seam:


And here is the way WRONG seam:


So, since it’s a mess to fix it, this is my dilemma and options:

I also just received my patterns to make the Basic Chic Hoodie and Cassidy AND some yarn for the Basic Chic Hoodie from Elann. I decided to try the Elann Worsted Superwash. Why not? It’s inexpensive and washable (I hope). And both these patterns are for worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles! Oh dear…

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