School just gets in the way…

by Amanda on October 18, 2007

in Gucci

Last night I had my midterm in my Corporate Social Responsibility class, and I think I did ok. There were some fill-in-the-blank questions that were impossible, but for the most part I think it wasn’t too difficult. So, because I had been studying cramming,   I have not worked on the Gucci sweater. I do have about 1/4 of the placket neck ribbing done, and that is moving along pretty well. I will post pictures once that is done. Right now it’s all bunched up and makes the sweater look goofy!

I want to work on it tonight, but instead I am going out to dinner with school friends. There are some of us who have already graduated, and some that are in other classes this semester, so it’s nice to get together once in a while and catch up.

This is such a quick knit! I have to say that I never really liked drop shoulder sweaters. I don’t know if it’s that they are not as form fitting, or that they were ‘too easy’, but I have to say it’s appropriate for this style. It can be layered and not add too much bulk to the wearer. I do think the sleeves are going to be pretty easy as well…no sleeve cap to shape! The tricky part will be sewing the sleeves in evenly. But, like I said, I like seeming when it all comes out so pretty!

I think it’s getting to be time to order yarn for the real version of the sweater. Darn! I have to order yarn! I know, it’s such a hardship.

I want to put this out there as just something to think about…I might need some test knitters to make sure the sizing is right, etc. So, if you are interested, keep this in mind when planning projects. I wouldn’t be able to offer anything other than you getting to see the pattern before most everyone else, but sometimes that’s the payoff…


Becky in Iowa :O) October 18, 2007 at 11:43 am

Well shoot if you are gonna go super sized on it I think my arm could be twisted to give it a try. lmao Seriously though, if you do it in larger sizes let me know. I really do want to actually finish a sweater at some point.

robin October 19, 2007 at 4:34 pm

I would be interested in test knitting it, but I usually have to adjust patterns to fit me, so I may not be the best person to knit the pattern exactly as given.
Totally agree on those fill-in questions. I didn’t study that much, but even if I did, I still wouldn’t have known some of those answers.

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