San Francisco – Day 2 con’t and Day 3

by Amanda on October 9, 2009

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Ok, so I just realized that half of day two was cut off!

San Francisco – Day 2 con't

After watching the bellhop having a hard time hailing a cab, we managed to finally get into one. This cabbie was a little impatient. It's not like there is the same amount of traffic in San Fran as there is in Chicago. This guy was passing people, speeding around other cars, and getting generally agitated with other drivers. He was pretty funny and managed to get us to our little hidden theater.

So the musical was a four person play all about shopping. It was cute! There were some parts that seemed a little long, but overall I would recommend it.

After the play, we started on our way out to a speakeasy. On the way there, I almost bit it. I know, quite a surprise! Those are some steep streets!! I was doing really well until I stepped on a piece of paper on the ground. Then I sort of did a little surfing down the sidewalk. I managed to recover very well, if I do say so myself!

We got to the speakeasy, Bourbon and Branch, where we had to have a special password to get in. I had reserved a table for us to enjoy some of drinks by the mixologists of Bourbon and Branch. It was a really cute and we enjoyed most of the drinks. But why didn't someone tell us that Absinthe tastes like Black Licorice? Becky ordered a drink with it in it and it ended up in the toilet because neither of us could do it! 

When leaving the bar, the door guy tried to hail us a cab. Is there something about San Francisco that makes it hard for people to catch cabs? This poor guy took about 10 minutes to get us a cab. But he did. So, we tipped him for the entertainment.

Day 3

Today we went on a wine tour. Becky and I got up early, ate a fantastic breakfast at Starbucks and were the first people at the tour facility. They gave us these purple tickets and our receipt. Becky took the reciept while I hung onto the purple tickets. When we finally got in line with the other wine taster wanna-bes, they wanted our boarding pass and purple tickets. Huh?! What boarding pass…OMG! Those things that we were told were receipts? Becky had to go back to the trash and pull them out! They were covered in coffee and gross, but managed to get us on the bus. Thank goodness!

I would actually call it was more like a day of cheese. We stopped at a cheese factory on our way to all the wineries on our itinerary. Becky and I decided to get 3 different kinds of cheeses. She had never had Gouda before! Can you imagine?! Don't worry, I introduced her to the wonderful world of Gouda! We were eating cheese all day!

The first winery was actually my favorite. We had a quick tour where we learned some about wines and how to taste them. I thought it was really a great intro since I know nothing about wine. I learned that it doesn't matter what I like or taste in a wine because, ultimately, it's about me and my tastes. I can go with that.

The next two wineries were eh. The second was a little too crowded for my taste and the third was more of a budget winery. Though, we managed to eat cheese all the way through them!

That night, we ate at Boudin and had some Dungenous Crab and Clam Chowder. Mmmm…no cheese either. 🙂

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delia October 13, 2009 at 12:26 pm

I love Bourbon and Branch!

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