San Francisco – Day 1

by Amanda on October 7, 2009

in San Francisco - 2009

BaGoldenGate My sister and I left last Thursday for San Francisco directly after work. I took the Orange Line to Midway while my mom called me about 80 times to make sure I was on the right train. I wasn't sure at first, but after I heard "This is the Orange Line to Midway" about 20 times, I realized that I was okay.

After being stopped by security and searched because there was a "9 volt battery" in my carry-on, I successfully made it to our gate and found my sister. By the by, is it illegal by TSA regulations to have a 9 volt battery? I mean, I can bring on knitting needles that, in all honesty, can poke out someone's eyes, but not a battery? hmpf!

We boarded our plane and before we even left the tarmac, I heard a sound that I thought was someone slurping loudly through a straw in a cup. When everyone in our section looked back to the guy sitting directly behind me, I realized this guy had fallen asleep. Already. And he was a loud sleeper. He gurgled, snorted, snored, and slurped the entire way to LA where we switched planes. My sister and I could only look at each other and laugh! And we giggled a lot on the way to LA. 

Then there were the attempts to use the restroom on the plane. There is this new rule that makes sense – no one can wait in line for the restroom at the front of the plane. Ok, I get it. Then no one can just go bum-rush the pilot. Totally makes sense! But for someone that has to pee so badly that it hurts at this point, it's not the best rule. Especially when this person is sitting on the window and has to climb over 2 other people. It's just not going to work in her favor!! I think the tally went something like this:

Attempts to use the restroom
Becky – 2
Amanda – 892877409209274728

The last time I tried to use the front restroom had me right on target. The guy on the aisle was being very patient with getting up that many times. I could see the prize. Then a large woman who had been sitting in the 3rd row stood up and blocked me! She blocked me!! The people watching me laughed at me as I muttered under my breath. I'm glad I could be entertaining. Then I gave up and stood in line at the back of the plane. Did you know they could run out of water on the plane? I found out as I wash washing my hands…thank goodness for hand sanitizer!

We finally made it to San Francisco that night and got to our hotel. Becky thought we were going to the skin lamp factory because the driver we had was a little creepy. Yup, I would have expected that!

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Robin October 8, 2009 at 10:13 am

OMG on the woman who blocked you!!! What is that about? And yeah, I never thought about water running out – ewwww.

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