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by Amanda on November 18, 2011

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While I was off from work (using up vacation before the end of the year so I don’t
BabySweater lose it), I decided to do some “Spring” cleaning. I’ve been in the new place for a year now and I’m just starting to unpack everything. Well, at least the yarn/crafting stuff. While I was finding secret places to stash my yarn (more on that in a bit), I found this baby sweater. I started this baby sweater a couple years ago for a coworker’s baby. Yeah, that baby is now too big to wear this sweater.

I decided that I’m so far along on it that I will finish it and give it to whom ever the first girl is to be born. Not a bad deal for that baby, huh? The race is on people…go procreate! lol!

Anyway, this is knit in Sunshine Yarns Merino Sock, which I sadly hear is discontinued. No worries, I actually think I could get another sweater out of this ball. Maybe if I ever have a kid…or my sister…or someone who would appreciate it. And I won’t take 2 years to make it!

I mentioned that I was stashing yarn around the new place. Somehow my stash has grown a bit in the last month. I have no idea how that happened! Seriously! So, I need to find creative places to put it so that I’m not taking up precious floor space in the condo. I have one of those cube things that you can put the fabric drawers in to make it more useful (maybe decorative, too). The Boyfriend decided that he was going to hang it on the wall, and so he did. He’s very much a go and do it kind of guy.

As I was staring at the yarn mess around me today, I realized that the fabric drawers in that very high off the ground are empty! EMPTY! Why are they empty?! So, I decided to fill them with the little used yarn that I have. Stuff that I want to keep around “just in case”…the crappy acrylic I bought that seems to work fantastically for baby items, the sock yarn I’ll probably never use but one day might decide to knit to socks, the wool/acrylic blends that also work very well for baby, and the left over skeins/balls/random hanks of extra yarns from projects. Here is how I’m organized (click to make it bigger and READABLE):


Not too shabby, eh?

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