Rainy Sunday

by Amanda on August 5, 2007

in Ribby Pulli, Rusted Root, Yoda, Zephyr Style

Well, Yoda is doing much better! She even had a bath yesterday and smells very nice.

I have started working on the Rusted Root again. Originally, I had to rip it twice. Once because I was using the wrong needles, and the second time because I was, um, I don’t know–crazy. It was a bit big, so out it went. Now, I look to be right on track. I am using the right needles, the gauge looks good, and it looks like it will fit me rather than a giant.

I just put the sleeves on scrap yarn, so I am just knitting away now. So, I guess now it’s time to think about what I want to do next, right? That’s how these things work. So, I looked at my ‘To Do’ list, and saw the Ribby Pulli, and thought, "I haven’t really seen any of these done up…I think I’ll try it." I’m all set on the pattern and yarn. AND it’s a good thing I have on pair of Addi Turbos Size 6, and that they are being used for Rusted Root, otherwise, I would have cast on already!

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