Pre-felted Noni Bag

by Amanda on July 30, 2007

in Noni - Evening Bag

Yeah, so I caved, again. I’m weak! I need to go to Yarn Anonymous! Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am a yarnaholic. I can’t stop buying yarn, patterns, and books. Ah, hell, I justify it by the fact that this is going to be a gift…

Anyway, when I bought the yarn for the infamous bachelorette party gifts, I also picked up some Noni patterns and yarn for the evening bag with the flowers. It’s going to be a gift…and I won’t tell whom either. Just in case that person wanders here…It’ll all be revealed in due time. Before_noni_flower

So, I started on the bag at once. I mean, the knitalong started at my LYS, and I couldn’t attend, so had to start. I finished the bag portion pretty quickly–especially
with all the train riding I was doing. After reading the directions for the flowers, I was a little worried. It sounded hard! I am still working on this Operations Management class, I don’t have time for hard! But Sunday, I decided I would try it, and they are a bit like socks…just trust the directions and it will all work out perfectly. So, you see that I have one flower done…four to go. They go pretty quickly in between cleaning the house, reading a book, doing homework, and doing the laundry, so expect to see more of them soon.

I am thinking that I might just go ahead and felt what I have done. Seeing the felted pieces might give me some motivation to finish the rest.

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