by Amanda on November 28, 2007

in Gucci

Guccipieces Here are all the pieces of the Gucci sweater waiting to be seamed and finished. Tonight I have class (only 3 more this semester!), so no seaming will happen tonight. I plan on getting cuddly with Yoda and a darning needle on Thursday. So I should have most of the garment finished by Friday, and hopefully I’ll have a new sweater to wear to work on Monday. Yippee!

I also started putting together the pattern. I still have some math to do on the other sizes, but I think that shouldGingher be done fairly soon.

In other crafty news, I hit the after Thanksgiving sale at JoAnn‘s and brought some nice scissors at 50% off.  One of the things that most good sewing books tell you is that a nice pair of scissors is a must, and they will last a lifetime. Here are a pair of 8" Gingher dressmaker scissors that cost me only 17ish dollars. I don’t think that’s too bad for a pair of scissors that will last a lifetime. I also picked up a larger self healing cutting mat, a second rotary cutter, and a pinking blade for the cutter. And all I went there for was thread!

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robin November 28, 2007 at 2:40 pm

Can’t wait to see the sweater (and to be done with this class.) I wonder if we really will have that panel discussion next week – we’re done with the book, let’s just call it a day, K?
Anyway, I went to the same sale at JoAnn’s and bought that monster box of Gutermann (sp?) thread. Crazy, right? I love the scissors – I have had my pair for about three years and LOVE THEM. Well worth it even at full price and especially so at 50% off.

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