Our new arrival

by admin on August 29, 2012

in Hunter, Yoda

Over here at Pug Central has brought us a new delivery. Meet Hunter! We’re not 100% sure how old he is, but it’s somewhere between 2 and 4. We also don’t know much more about him other than his tongue is like that all the time. Seriously.

He’s a bundle of energy (notice his body is a bit blurred — that’s his nonstop tail wagging)! Yoda is a lady of a certain age, and you can tell that she gets annoyed with his puppy tendencies. But they are getting along a lot better now. I think she seriously was plotting out a way to put him down the trash shoot. Now, I think she sees some usefulness to him – he gets into trouble for breaking into the bag of dog food, but she gets to partake in eating the food all over the floor. I see her as the mastermind and him the muscle.

We will be working on updating the banner with Hunter very soon!

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