Orange Crush Demolition

by Amanda on September 15, 2006

in Orange Crush

School has started back up, and I think this semester is going to be fun. I have class with some awesome people and the material is not too difficult. In fact, in my management class, I don’t even have to take a midterm or final! How cool is that?!

In between school party time, I have been trying to be crafty. Last night, I looked at this sweater and was disappointed. I seem to have this habit of getting to excited about finishing something that I will make it a little smaller than I should have to get done faster. Makes sense, right? Ok, in my mind it does. Well, I love the yarn–it’s orange, it’s soft, it’s inexpensive…did I mention it’s orange?

So our saga of the Orange Crush doesn’t stop here. In all honesty, I thought about how I could add Orangecrush_ripped some length to the body and arms by cutting off the ribbing and making the turtle a crew. I started ripping the neck. I stopped where I thought the crew would look good and tried it on. I just wasn’t happy with the width of the arms. No matter how much length I added to the body, the arms were still a little too snug. So, I kept going.

This is about how far I got in an hour. There was some Kitchener that needed to be unwoven, and following those ends can be tricky. As you can see, I am using my freezer paper box to wind the skeins. I will be washing the skins and hanging them to get the kinks out.

Then I will re-purpose the yarn. I still have one untouched skein, so I can make a slightly bigger sweater and be happy with it. I hope…

In other news, I received my fall Patternworks catalog. Guess who has jumped into selling a house brand of yarn club? Yup, Patternworks has three new yarns under the Patternworks label. There is Meredith Bay, Sunapee, and Bretton. Bretton is fingering superwash woo/nylon/alpaca blend, Meredith Bay is a DK wool/alpaca blend, and Sunapee is a DK silk/cotton blend. The prices look good, and it looks like you get a 10% discount on full bags. If anyone tries it, let me know what you think. I am especially interested in the Sunapee.

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Ruth September 17, 2006 at 12:59 am

Size is such a loaded issue isn’t it? I tend to either make things too big (“just in case” – because somehow it would be less traumatic to be swimming in it than to have to reknit it?) or too small (“I’m sure I’m not *that* big…”).

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