No Makeup Monday

by Amanda on January 7, 2008

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I am exhausted, thus no makeup. This weekend was very busy, but good busy. Saturday I spent running around picking up gifts and interviewing Yoda’s potential new brother. My mom’s doctor is looking for a good home for her step-daughter’s pug to go live. He’s two years old, all black, and so full of energy. He’s a sweetie, but we need to have Yoda do an interview, as well…she is the boss after all!Whichpope

Then it was off to Buca di Bepo for my friend Stacey’s 30th Birthday. Since there were like 25 of us, we were seated at one of the Pope tables. We argued at length about which Pope it was staring at us while we gorged on Italian food. I even asked my grandmother the next day after taking a picture. She immediately said Pope John XXIII. I’ll believe her…she’s like a Catholic Rain Man!

BucagirlsBut we all had a blast at the party! I think we ordered EVERYTHING off the menu. There was an obscene amount of food, and most of us went home with leftovers. And if you are looking for a new cocktail to try, order the Ultimate Raspberry Lemon Drop. MMMM…I could havBeckygrade had a gallon of that stuff, but driving home would have been a challenge. Don’t we all look like we were having a great time in "Joe’s Basement"?!

Then Sunday was my sister’s actual graduation from graduate school. Yippee!! Here she is in her gown with her hood (teachers get pretty blue…MBA students get poopy brown….figures) and diploma cover. Doesn’t she look enlightened? I think so.

Don’t worry….knitting updates for the rest of the week!

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robin January 7, 2008 at 3:53 pm

That Ultimate Raspberry Lemon Drop sounds delicious! Congrats to your sister, and how exciting that Yoda may have a new brother!

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