New Beginnings

by Amanda on April 22, 2009

in Glam Knits - Texturized Tweed Coat

Textured1 Yeah, yeah, I seem to have new beginnings a lot. But, why not, right?

Anyway, here is the beginnings of my Texturized Tweed Coat from Stefanie Japel's Glam Knits: 25 Designs For Luxe Yarns
. I really like the texture, and it's easy to do on the train. I think it's looking good so far, but I'm a bit biased. I'm right about to the point where I will be doing the neck shaping.

I was looking for errata before I cast on because I have a tendency to mess up really well after not checking. And while I couldn't find any errata, I did find a tutorial on Stefanie's blog about how to do the collar. I guess there was a less than happy knitter with her tutorial, but it looked quite thorough to me. I'm actually excited to make this sweater because I'll be learning some new techniques – short rows in pattern and top down with an all over pattern.

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Robin April 22, 2009 at 9:31 am

Can’t wait to see it! I don’t know anyone who’s made it yet. I couldn’t believe that whole knitter drama on the tutorial – goes to show that you can’t please everyone, I guess.

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