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by Amanda on January 24, 2005

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I have been a bad blogger as of late…I haven’t posted much, no pictures…It’s just that my life has been pretty boring. I haven’t really completed anything, which means I haven’t really been knitting. I’ve been bad at getting back to people who left me comments–which I truely appreciate! I’ve been bad about leaving comments on other’s blogs. Please forgive me.

I do have pictures today…not of knitting, but pictures. It snowed on Friday night. We didn’t get as much snow as the east coast (thank, God!), but we got quite a bit in the Chicagoland area. Here is a picture of snow removal:

As you can see, we have an island in the middle of our circle street. For some reason a regular plow cannot get in there, but a medium wheel loader (it is a CAT!) can. Here are a couple of more pictures Jeremy took of this fiasco:

The snow did Yoda in, too. She was pooped just thinking about going outside to potty:

BTW, I am still working on my “Thing” from Jacqueline Fee’s Sweater Workshop. I’ve come to the lace cast off. I have not done lace before, so if someone can help me out with the YO2, I would appreciate it!!

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Anonymous January 25, 2005 at 8:28 pm

Didn’t see your earlier question. The YO2 is that you do 2 yarn overs in a row (increasing 2 stitches). Just circle the needle twice instead of once. On the way back the other direction, you will knit the first of the YOs, then purl the 2nd, being careful not to let that second one off the needle before you purl it. If you knit the first then drop the second, you will be off by one stitch. Hope that helps!

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