by Amanda on January 31, 2007

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This one is going to be difficult!!!

5 Things that Have Never Been Revealed on my blog before (at least I don’t think they have!):

1. I own my own gun. I really like to go to the range with my dad and practice. I think everyone should learn to shoot a gun…it educates people on the correct way to handle one and would help prevent stupid accidents.

2. I have met the infamous former-Governor George Ryan and he gave me money! I was the recipient of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate Award for Eastern Illinois University. Besides a cool medal, the winners also get a check. George Ryan was the person handing out the awards…see, I’m not crooked. What’s really cool is that I was the Student Keynote Speaker, and I was able to ride back to the Governor’s Mansion in his big van and had a private tour of the mansion by Illinois’ First Lady!

3. I applied for a job with the FBI and was accused of being a spy during the polygraph. I was really nervous because I wanted the job so badly. They say nerves have nothing to do with a polygraph (well, that’s what the FBI says), but I beg to differ! This was the worst experience of my life to this point. Imagine how they treat real criminals! That whole experience killed any sort of thought of going into public service.

4. I was the Homecoming Queen in high school. I was really surprised because I was never one of the ├╝ber-popular kids. I was friends with just about everyone, but not in the In-Crowd.

5. I have been skydiving. I would recommend it to anyone! It has been one of my favorite memories…It was actually a sunset jump–Best place to see the sun set is while you are in the sky!

Pass it on: Go ahead and do it if you want!


Robin January 31, 2007 at 3:30 pm

I know you’re not into memes, but thanks for doing this one – that was an extremely interesting read! I think you are more adventurous than you generally let on.

Dad February 3, 2007 at 6:12 pm

FBI thought you were a spy eh! No wonder Osama BinLadin was able to kill damn near 4000 innocent people and destroy the Twin Towers. Incompetant bunch of A__Holes!

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