March Showers bring April Flowers

by Amanda on April 5, 2006

in Washclothes

Flowers Um, yeah, that is a different kind of title, but how else do I explain the Reverse Bloom Washcloths I have been making? I made one of these (not pictured here) when it was all the rage about 2 years ago. I also bought 5 skeins of Cotton Chenille to make more. It wasn’t until recently that I actually made some more. I was feeling a little like I wasn’t accomplishing anything with all the projects I have going. So, I needed a quick pick me up! What is cuter than some flowers? Dare I say nothing!

I also bought the Fad-Classic pattern Wendy is selling. Since I have a ton of green Knit Picks Shine leftover, I needed something to use it up. I think this vest will do the trick. I think Wendy needs to stop designing patterns. I just buy them all!!Hiding_bone

Yoda is Spring Cleaning. She needs to find new places to store her hidden bones. She is just not happy with having them in between the old couch’s cushions. I’m not sure where they finally ended up, but I am sure I’ll find them one day while I am doing laundry or something….


heather April 7, 2006 at 8:35 am

I was gifted with one of those…and I wore it out..I think I need to get some and make more…they are great!

Rebecca Fisher April 26, 2006 at 10:50 am

I am out of it I guess (just started knitting a year ago) but I love that reverse bloom – I have some cotton chenille yarn (comparable to Crystal Palace but cheaper from Nu Mei) that I didnt know what to do with – this is so cute! I am going to look for the pattern! Your dogs are cute too!

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