Less than a Week’s Progress

by Amanda on May 5, 2006

in Green Gable, Zephyr Style

Gable_progress Ever notice how if you really want to wear a project, it seems to move so much quicker? Take the Japanese Sweater. While I would love to wear it, the weather would prevent me from doing so. So, it sits. Cynthia is a different monster. I have to play with the collar, and I don’t think I have it in me to sit down and do that. I need some pretty mindless knitting. Enter Green Gable. I bought the yarn, started Sunday, and have gotten most of the body done by Friday.

I would probably be done if I didn’t start over 3 times after I was almost done with the lace portion. I was just not liking the original way it was working out. Not that I really changed anything since then, but I think it was starting to look right. I guess it’s all in the perspective.

I am hoping to finish it this weekend. It probably won’t happen Saturday since I am (still) working on the table. The table is almost done, so I should be able to knit a lot more soon. That and my teacher for this semester was kind enough to give us an optional final. Since I already had an A in the class, I don’t need to take it!! That would have been precious knitting time taken away for studying. I know where my priorities are!

Speaking of class, the other night before class, I was knitting away on the Green Gable, and one of the other students said that she knits, too. We started talking about yarn stores, Midwest Stitches, and a Sweater Wizard Demo being offered at one of the yarn stores. It’s so nice to meet other knitters in the area! Ones that have as busy a schedule that I have! Needless to say, I have registered for the Sweater Wizard Demo. I think it would be nice to learn about some software from someone who knows the product. You know, instead of teaching myself, again.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Go have a margarita. God knows I will…maybe two!  Margarita


Sandra May 6, 2006 at 12:24 pm

I have few knitting projects before I casn on for Green Gable, and I can’t wait! Your GG is progressing nicelly!

Robin Martin May 9, 2006 at 11:49 am

Thanks for the mention…I also am VERY relieved that the final was optional as I had an A as well! See you at the Sweater Wizard demo – I am going to do my next Windy City Knitting Guild review on Peggy’s Strands of Heaven in a few weeks. I’ll send you a copy of my review when I finish it.

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