Knitting to Perfection

by Amanda on February 25, 2008

in knitscene - fall 2008

Knitsceneminusribbing I worked on my sample all weekend. Well, most of the weekend. Friday was rough at work, so I went out. I needed to go out. Mmmmm….beer! But the rest of the weekend was knitting.

I even finished it. Then I didn’t like it. I put it on and looked at it in the mirror and decided it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to make. So, I decided to rip out part of the bottom and redo the bottom ribbing. I want this to be perfect for all you excited knitters. So, I am grounded tonight to finish this and the pattern. I can do it…

Ok, going back to beer. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to try Shiner Bock. It’s made in Shiner, Texas and is fantastic. I had it a few years ago at a friend’s house when it was only available by going to the town to get it. Now, it seems to be everywhere. I had it in Naperville, Vegas, and Plainfield. Plainfield is by no means the hub of microbrews, so I am assuming they are getting out to other small towns as well. This is a dark lager, but it’s not heavy like a Guinness. It’s very good, and they do have other varieties that I have yet to try. Give it a shot, it’ll surprise you!

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Sarah February 26, 2008 at 11:37 am

The sample looks good. I hope the bottom turns out how you hope it will this time!

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