Sigh. I have a lot of projects that I am working on and not enough time in the day. I decided to actually take a little inventory about things I am knitting and came up with this list:

  • Cable baby Sweater – knitting is done. Need to sew on the snap band I made. Lazy!
  • Vodka Lemonade – so close to separating the sleeves from the body. Literally like 2 rows.
  • Velynda – not going to even mention this since I pretty much haven’t even finished the ribbing. Not very far at all.
  • Ribbon – This has no sleeves! Why is it taking me forever?! I think I have the front and back ready to join and complete the body.
  • Ribby Pulli – Sleeves. That is all.
  • Chic Cables and Lace Cowl – started this again in a different yarn. Not even done with the cowl yet…
  • Great American Afghan squares – So behind! I need to wind all the cashmere I have and just keep knitting squares until I run out. Then wait for the next shipment.

So, as you can see my knitting plate is quite full. However, I am not finishing anything. Good gracious.


In other news, I’m getting excited about the Pattern Review Weekend in NYC. Of all the times I’ve been there (and there have been a lot) I have never gone fashion fabric shopping! So. Excited. I need to make a list of things I should be looking out for and things I need (like wax tracing paper).

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