Just call me a rockstar…

by Amanda on June 16, 2008

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Foundry3_2 Yeah. Where does the weekend go?! I’m just going to chalk it up to a rockstar weekend, again. It’s amazing how having fun is such a time suck. I just can’t figure out how I managed to uFoundry1se up the entire weekend!

Anyway, Friday a bunch of us went to The Foundry celebrate someone’s un-birthday (she wasn’t ready to  admit that she’s 39…I can understand that). I brought along my Foundry Mug Club mug and drank up as much Lienie’s Summer Shandy as I could ($4.50 a mug!!!!) get my hands on. As you can tell, we started to get a little silly…Here I am with a little ‘tip’…And here’s another with my friend Sharen, our sober driver. There was a band at the Foundry that I thought was terrible. I won’t even mention who they are because I feel bad saying they were that bad. In 2008_1fact, when we were leaving, the door guys said they will probably never be back. Ouch!

Saturday, I got up early after my crazy night at 6:30 and actually got stuff done. That boring stuff like laundry and cleaning that needed to be done. Yoda and I went on a walk, and the yard boy cut the grass.  See, I can be productive. I even went to play with Lillie while my sister is in Alaska. We played basketball, and when I left, she was spent. See, I can do good and be productive with my time….but don’t get too excited, yet, because that’s where it all ends. 2008_3

I went over to swim and get some sun at my new BFF’s apartment. He even played Cabana Boy and brought me margaritas. What’s not to love about a Saturday like that?! We stayed outside in the pool for several hours, and when we thought we were ‘baked’ enough, we ordered a pizza and took a nap. I love naps…

2008_pics050Around 10:30 we headed to the city to Joe’s on Weed to see the band Mike and Joe. They were awesome. Totally made up for the crappy band2008_pics049  the night before. The BFF and I discussed how all the cover bands do some of the same songs, and who does what better. There were some that Modern Day Romeos did better and some that Mike and Joe did that were exceptional…then Dot Dot Dot has a personality all their own. They all  have a reason to see them all. But not the band from Friday…makes me shutter thinking about it.

After Joe’s, we hit Crobar. I’m not sure what was in the air, but girls kept falling all over the place! Maybe it wasn’t the air, but the floor…who knows…I, thankfully, didn’t hit the floor. I would have been a little disappointed in myself. What rockstar really bites it at the club? I decided to take break at a table just so I didn’t have an unfortunate accident. Img_0893

On the way home, there was a T-Bell run. What’s a night out without some crappy food? The people in the car in front of us at the drive-through were sooooo drunk. Hilarious, too. They ordered about $30 in food…really. How is that possible?! Do they even know what they ordered? We had a discussion with the cashier at window #1 about how the police should forget sitting outside of bars and sit outside of T-Bell. They would get way more DUIs that way.

Needless to say, Sunday was pretty tough for me. But I managed to get up and go to lunch with my mom and dad for Daddy’s Day. We went to lunch at Wildfire. I had some macadamia nut encrusted halibut…mmmm….you have no idea how yummy it is! I stuffed myself and still had leftovers to take home…and took a nap on the way back to my parent’s house!

Just call me a rockstar. Seriously.

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monica June 17, 2008 at 8:45 am

Looks like a fun weekend!! Rockstar is right!
You look good in that color of pink.

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