Japanese Knitting

by Amanda on January 13, 2005

in Japanese Knitting

In addition to the reason I wanted this book, here are a couple more very cute projects from the Japanese knitting magazine:





Now obviously I don’t speak, read or even look Japanese. So, I am going to need some help. There are a few very good explainations of the charts online. For those of you who might try some Japanese knitting, here they are:

Japanese Pattern Basics
How to Read Japanese Graphical Charts
Japanese-English Knitting Dictionary
Japanese Characters-Kana
SugarCubed’s Quick Japanese Pattern Help
Japanese Pattern/Charting Instructions

Free Japanese Patterns

Fall/Winter Women’s Patterns
More Fall/Winter Women’s Pattern’s
Kid’s and Baby Patterns
Men’s Patterns
Knitting of a high Class Patterns
Spring and Summer Women’s Sweater Patterns
Spring and Summer Shawl and Stole Patterns
Japanese Dish Scrubbies

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