Japanese Crafting

by Amanda on November 19, 2007

in Japanese Crafting

I took a trek up to Mitsuwa Marketplace to check out the Japanese crafting books. I had a list of four that I was wanted to get, but only found two on my list. Don’t be upset though, I was able to find some others to make up for it.

These were the ones on my list:

Simplechic Lifewithdogs
ISBN978-4-579-10961-6 ISBN4-415-09942-4

Here are the others that I picked up:

Skirts Bags Knitting
ISBN978-4-579-11139-8 ISBN978-4-391-13146-8 ISBN978-4-277-13333-3

Some of the books have some English, but others, like the skirt book, has none what so ever. But what I am hoping is that the patterns will be self explanatory, so I can still make them. There are some cute styles! Why can’t English/American craft books be like the Japanese ones? I love the layouts and the fact that you get patterns with them.

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