I’ve said it before…

by Amanda on November 24, 2006

in Gifts

…and I will say it again–too many babies! There are too many pregnant people at work. It’s like an epidemic! And everyone keeps waiting for me to announce something…Well, I have news for them–keep waiting!

In the meantime, everyone else seems to be jumping on the bandwagon! So, I must kick into full baby gift gear…

The latest installment of the baby extravaganza is one of the girls in my department. She is a crocheter, so I did not hesitate to make a blanket for her (unknown sex) baby. I knew she would appreciate whatever I made her. Yodalionblanket

The hardest part about this assignment was the coloring. Without knowing the sex of the baby, I was having some dilemmas. I did know what the room is going to be painted (jungle) so I went with that. I call this my Lion Blanket (and no, I didn’t use Lion Brand Yarn). 

Pattern: Majorly big swatch — Stockinette with garter border 30" x 30"
Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Classic in Neutral (doubled).
Needles: Size 15 circs
Notes: I bought way too much yarn for this blanket, but it knit up very quickly. I might just need to use the rest of the yarn for a blankey for me…

Of course Yoda had to get in on the action of the blanket. And this is how I wrapped it up all pretty-like:


But wait! That’s not all… With my new found stenciling talents, I made a couple onsies for the lucky little baby. In keeping with the jungle them, I made a monkey. And in keeping with the ‘I don’t know what the hell sex your kid is going to be’ theme, I went with yellow stars. I had requests for monkey t-shirts after they were opened…


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