I’ve been sick….

by Amanda on July 22, 2008

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Last week was a crazy week for me. I came down with Strep, again. This has got to stop because I refuse to get my tonsils taken out!

So I was pretty useless for most of the week, and then I had a trip to St. Louis planned. Thank goodness my doctor gave me tons of antibiotics to clear up my infection. I had so much fun in St. Louis! But I have no idea how people live there with all that humidity! I was standing there and soaked from the water in the air…

So, since there was NO knitting, you get to hear all about my weekend. Get ready…

Fountain2 So, we drove down Friday afternoon stopping here and there as we went. It took way longer than it should have, but we had a good time. When we got there, it was time to eat dinner and look around the city. We ate at Charlie Gitto’s Italian Restaurant. It was crazy busy because PartyLite was having a conference that same weekend, so there were tons of people everywhere. I had this awesome seafood ravioli…mmm….

After dinner, we walked around a bit to see the city. We took pictures in front of Fountain1 some fountains. There was one fountain that you can walk into, and I managed to lose my shoe as I was crossing into it for some pictures. Luckily, this fountain didn’t empty into a river or anything. I think the pictures turned out really well for it being dark.

Then we walked to The Arch and took this crazy picture. We are calling it the Superheros Superhero picture…only, we don’t have superhero names. I think Power Rangers and the Fab 4 are already taken, no?

After saving the world, we hit The Landing. We danced on the bar at Club Buca for a while and then had some brew at the Morgan Street Bardancing Brewery. I had a Honey Wheat that was really good. I would have done a flight of beers, but it was getting late, and we needed to rest up for the baseball game the next day!

Saturday, we visited Union Station and went to the Cards game. The game was Cardshome really good, especially since the Cards came back to win it. I think they ended up sweeping the Padres this weekend. The new stadium is really nice. The only drawback is the big hole you can see left over from the old stadium!

After the game, we headed back for some quick showers. You would have thought we were the ones playing by how sweaty we were! Then it was off to Pujol’s Restaurant. The food was really good, and the atmosphere was fun. I Bigbang guess you can buy the posters on the wall and the money goes to charity. I think that’s a pretty neat concept!

After dinner, it was a fun night at Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar! OMG! That is one crazy place. I made some new friends, drank some beers, sang away, and was generally silly! It was a great night.

Sunday….well, we got up slowly and drove back home. Next adventure, please!


Sarah July 22, 2008 at 5:39 pm

The Big Bang is fun! It is my favorite place at The Landing. Sounds like a great weekend!

robin July 23, 2008 at 1:21 pm

Sounds like it was fun! Sorry you’ve been sick. I heard about that PL conference – Trish (who did my candle party) was almost going to go to it but ended up skipping it.

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