It’s Wednesday already?

by Amanda on August 20, 2008

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Img_1258 Well, friends, I’ve been counting down the days until I start the new gig. I’m kind of a lame duck at work, but that’s ok with me. So, I realized I didn’t give much detail on my new job…I’ll be working in the Sears Tower. That means that I’ll be riding the train every day….which means I’ll have dedicated knitting time every day! Aren’t you all excited? I’ll actually have knitting content to blog about. I’m going to have lots of new knitwear this fall/winter…Img_1263_copy

So, in keeping with non-knitting tradition, I’ll show you a picture  or two from my weekend. Friday, my cousin, sister, and I met up with my school friends at a Kane County Cougars game. I wasn’t into the baseball too much, but the inflatable dancing characters were hysterical. I was excited between every inning to see what shenanigans they were going to get into! My cousin asked if we would eat some popcorn….um, we had no idea she meant a lot of popcorn! And this picture was taken after we managed to eat about 5 inches!! Hardly a dent!

Saturday, after a day at the pool, BFF and I hit Greektown for Img_1268_copysome tapas type food and then to Navy Pier for fireworks. Here we are on the roof of the Pegasus Restaurant. You can even see my new building!! It was a great night for sitting outside eating and enjoying the city. Then we popped over to Navy Pier and caught some fireworks. They were pretty good. An added bonus is that the band Elevation was playing, and BFF has wanted to catch them. So we watched them a while, and the lead singer TOTALLY looks like Bono!

On the way over to Navy Pier we went by some fountains and took some pictures. I LOVE these with the wall of golden water. It’s just the lights from the other side, but I love the way it looks!

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robin August 20, 2008 at 4:11 pm

That is a cute picture of you and BFF!!!

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