It’s football season…

by Amanda on September 13, 2009

in Glam Knits - Texturized Tweed Coat

TweedyCoat4 So, that means fall is here! Man, I love fall. Not just because sweaters can start to be worn (not really yet since it is still in the 70s), but because fall fashion is just so much neater. For example, people wear more clothes, so they tend to look better…I like less skin!

I'm actually kind of digging those over the knee boots more now that I see them. At first, I thought they were tacky and cheap. But Heidi Klum was wearing some with a mini sweater dress and Faith Hill had some on with a dress on the Sunday Night Football spot. I might have to succumb to this trend…but how will a short girl look in them? That's my worry.

Anyway, along with watching football comes knitting! I've been working on the tweedy jacket and it's coming along quite well. I'd like to say I'm knitting like crazy on the train, but I'm napping more than knitting. I've been quite busy lately, so I try to get all the sleep I can!

On the Tweedy Jacket, I decided to shorten the body. And I am glad I did. When I tried it on, it hit in a very flattering spot rather than making my butt look monstrous. Now I might work on the collar since I'm kind of dreading the sleeves. I know I'll have to do them sooner or later…I'm opting for later.

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