It’s F-ing cold!

by Amanda on January 16, 2009

in Blah

I'm sorry for the implied expletives, but you know, I feel that captures the true essence of how cold it is and how I feel about it. Our temps for the last few days have been somewhere around -25F. That's actual temp, people. I'm not even telling you about the wind chill. My mom mentioned something about Alaska being warmer, and I didn't believe her, so I checked it out. It is 43F in Anchorage, AK today. 43! That seems tropical. Did you ever think that anyone would consider going to Alaska in the winter to get away from frozen tundra weather in the Midwest? I didn't, but I am…

So, the weather makes it hard to do anything except stay indoors. There has been some knitting progress on the Chic Cowl and Tang. Actually, I hope to finish Tang this weekend since I'll be stuck inside for part of it. It is supposed to get up to a balmy 23F on Saturday, so I might venture out, but there is not that much left to do on Tang other than the rest of the second sleeve and the turtleneck treatment. I've been "spit-splicing" (love this technique), so there are not that many ends to weave in. Watch and get excited for a possible finished sweater!

Stay warm this weekend, everyone!


bettyc January 16, 2009 at 6:37 pm

Okay, I know it’s mean and horrible, but I have gloat that I don’t live in the midwest. I live in silicon valley, CA and we’ve been having over-70 deg. temps in the last week. Actually, this is not really a good thing — we are going to be in a serious drought situation unless we get more rain this winter.

robin January 17, 2009 at 8:21 am

I hear ya – this weather BLOWS. Freezing my butt off even running between the car and wherever I’m going…

lynette January 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm

i hope you’re staying warm. i went to work downtown every single day during the arctic freeze. now i think i’m regretting it. i have a sore throat. 🙁

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