It’s a Rocky Coast Vest

by Amanda on October 7, 2011

in Rocky Coast Cardigan

RockyCoastCardigan3 I divided the sleeves from the body and now am just knitting the body. I tried it on today (no pics, sorry), and it looks like a strange vest. It hits me right below my shoulder blades.

I had to rip this thing 3 or 4 times in one day for messing up the cables. My first solution was to put stitch markers at every cable beginning/end. After I messed that one up and decided I hated slipping all those markers, I went to just one marker at the beginning of the cable group and one at the end. That way, I could see when I had 6 stitches more to add in. For the sections that had 2 increases (shoulders and back), I was able to add in 6 stitches from the beginning and then 6 more at the end. For the sections that increased only once (fronts), the new cables were added by the raglan increases only.

I’ve been studying other Rocky Coast Cardigans and I think I did it the correct way. I guess it doesn’t really matter. Who is going to know the difference?

This pattern is literally 3 pages of printed paper. I’d say 2 of actual print (there are a lot of images/pictures filling white space). This is a fantastic looking piece for that simple of a pattern. I think it fits my mantra – simple is more elegant. It really is. I’m not about all the fancy crazy anythings out there.

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