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by Amanda on January 9, 2008

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Yodalovesbreakfast Have you ever had that kind of week where everything seems to go wrong? I was beginning to have that week, but I took control and made it start going in the right direction. See my wireless network was acting a little funny…funny like it wasn’t working at all! My desktop couldn’t see any networks and my laptop was extremely slow to not allowing me to get on the Internet.

Then during all the storms on Monday I realized that my brand new door (this is door, windows, jamb…everything that fills what would be a huge hole in my house otherwise) was leaking… a lot. I had a pond forming on my fairly new laminate flooring. Eek! The door company was called and they made an appointment for Wed sometime between 10a -12p. While those are not bad times, I need to work from home. To work from home, I need Internet access…see the vicious cycle forming here?

To make matters worse, I woke up yesterday with major pain in my wrist. I know it’s from carrying Yoda up and down the stairs while a pinched nerve is healing (I began calling it Yoda-tunnel). Tuesday was just plain miserable.

But I took charge and made it better. Since I work in IT, I kinda know some people who know stuff about networks. So, I got some ideas on how to possibly fix the network without new hardware. Then I promptly bought new hardware just in case. Who wants to be running out getting that stuff when you are already frustrated? Well, none of the ‘tricks’ worked, so I ripped open a new ‘n’ router and network card (BTW–pet peeve: never call it a NIC Card. That’s redundant. The ‘C’ in NIC means card. Do you really want to be the one saying Network Interface Card Card?) and began installing. I got a great deal on the router/card (only $10 more than the g), so I figured I may as well upgrade. As it turns out, all my old hardware was bad. Took me forever to get it all working, which I hear is par for the course with this stuff, but it’s working with great signal!

I went to bed last night feeling good that I don’t have to worry about the Internet connection, and when I woke up, my wrist was feeling much better. Now, I am just waiting for the door people…Knitscenesweater1

In knitting news, I have been working on my pattern and sample sweater. Here you can see the beginnings of the sample. As you can see, it is top down, so that should appeal to a lot of new knitters. Why not? It’s so much nicer to be *done* with a sweater once you are done knitting. I’ve said that I like seaming when it turns out well, but I also want to wear my sweaters right away!

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robin January 9, 2008 at 10:45 am

We upgraded our wireless network at home about six months ago and it works a lot better. I can even take my laptop outside by the pool and still be connected now!!
Can’t wait to see the new top-down pattern. I think it’s about time we had some new patterns of that type as the Zephyr Style girls haven’t put anything out lately!

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