It was a Christmas Miracle!!

by Amanda on January 7, 2010

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As most of you know, I've trying to move to the city now for the past several months. I rented my house and my friend was in the process of trying to rent her condo in Schaumburg so we could move in together in the city. Well, folks, after many months, we are in the city!

I had asked Santa to bring good renters to Lisa as a Christmas gift, and he did! They signed the lease Dec 26, and we signed our lease on Dec 27. We are all moved in, but need to do some unpacking and organizing. I hope to have more time to do those things that have been lacking…like knitting and sewing. I have all my supplies back now, so watch for some finished projects!

Yoda is now a "yuppy puppy" as my mom likes to tell her. She does all things a city dog needs to do (ie: potty on the sidewalk because there is no grass) and she does them well. I'm so proud of my little puggie!

Happy New Year!!

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Robin January 7, 2010 at 10:31 am

Yay! Sounds like a great start to the new year!

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