iPod Down!

by Amanda on September 5, 2007

in Electronics

My iPod has been acting very strangely lately. For example, I would plug it in at night, and when I unhook it in the morning, there would be no battery power! Or I would be listening to it, and it would just stop. I traced all the problems back to the iPod’s biggest foe–the battery.

What’s a girl to do with the music selection at work is not stellar?! Well, she finds out how hard it is to replace her iPod battery herself. Actually, first I checked to see what it would cost to send it to Apple, and found it would be about $100. I thought, for $100 I can wait and save some money to put towards the purchase of a video iPod instead of my outdated mini.

I consulted with a Geek Squad guy to find out if I could change the battery myself. After a firm, "no", I decided that I was going to change it myself. I know, why ask? Anyway, I did a little search on iPod batteries and came up with this place looking like my best bet. But $30? That’s better, but what if I screw up my iPod? So, I started thinking about it, and did some review searches. While searching, I came across an Amazon review. And low and behold, the same company was selling the same $30 for $10 on Amazon! Hello?! I would have to be very not smart to pass this up, so I bought it. (I also had a $10 gift certificate from Amazon, so I just paid shipping…wheeee!)

Now, I have to really give ipodjuice.com an awesome review for their customer service. I ordered this little battery on Friday and received it by United States Postal Service on Tuesday (after a holiday weekend!). I for sure thought I wouldn’t see it until Thursday.

Now to answer all your burning questions about how it went…I took some pictures of my little iPod adventure:

Dead iPod
New Battery and Tools
New Battery Installed

After I got everything back together, I tried to turn it on…nothing…crap! So, I decide to plug the iPod into the wall charger (I guess this is better to charge up a low battery). This morning, the battery is all charged and seems to be working quite well…I still want to give it a couple days to see if everything is working correctly (the directions say that the battery will reach full capacity in 3-4 chargings). So far, so good…I think this is the best $5+change I have ever spent! Two thumbs up!Thumbsup

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