I’m so Proud….

by Amanda on July 12, 2004

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I didn’t think I would post again today (well, besides putting pics out), but I just got some GREAT news!! Jeremy has been looking for a job forever. Ok, ok, at least since he greaduated last Spring. Well, today he found out he has to go to North Carolina for a third interview with this one company….and he is the only one they are sending!!! How exciting is that? I hope he gets it. What would really be fun is that we may have to move in a couple of years to the Raleigh-Durham area–I think that would be neat. And I would be closer to all those awesome East-coast Yarn shops!!

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caramelknits July 12, 2004 at 6:48 pm

Move away from your craft room?! Wow! That’s love for you! (Tee-hee) Job interviews are always good news. Congrats!

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