I’m over Vogue

by Amanda on January 9, 2012

in Magazines, Vogue

Vkw2011I received the new Vogue Knitting Winter 2011/2012 magazine (and my subscription renewal) while I was off from work, and I have to be honest – I hated it. I’m kind of over Vogue. This is really a long time coming, and this issue was the last straw for me. I can’t say that I’ve actually ever completed ANYTHING from one of my Vogue magazines (and I’ve been a subscriber since 2001). That’s a lot of wasted paper!

The reason I am so unhappy by this issue is that I expect it to be more garment related. Even if they are a bit avant garde, they are still interesting to look at and maybe learn a new technique. A good portion of the patterns in this issue are home dec. Also, I was so over the poncho well before Martha Stewart revived it. There are TONS of patterns for ponchos in this issue. I paid $7 for ponchos and pillows.

So, to end this rant, I have decided NOT to renew my subscription. If there is an issue that looks interesting, I can buy it for the iPad.

***end rant***

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